TMBA365: Estonian E-Residency: Is It For You? post image

On today's show, Dan and Ian are taking a look at one specific country. Estonia is a nation that, until this point, our hosts had very little knowledge of.

They are a country that has started behaving like a startup, and has even started offering services specifically designed for location-independent entrepreneurs. In particular, they have developed a solution for our travel woes in the form of something called an "E-Residency".

On this episode, you will hear from Estonian E-Resident, Joel Runyon. Joel is the man behind the fitness and mindset blog, The Blog of Impossible Things. You'll also hear from Estonia's Chief Information Officer, Taavi Kotka. The two of them will share their insights on how E-Residency could pave the path to the future of how nations, citizens, and digital nomads interact.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 12.01.16
What’s a Simple Way to Lose 10 or 20 Pounds? post image

This year, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about diet, and how to drop a few pounds. And by “thinking” I mean googling terms like “what’s an easy way to lose weight” while drinking red wine and eating cheddar-flavored Bugles. I come from ‘that’ half of the population who can go on streaks of...

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By: DanPublished on 11.29.16
TMBA364: Sometimes the Best Business Idea is the Most Obvious post image

Back in 2012, Dan and Ian hosted a two week seminar that was attended by 44 listeners of this show, and Sarah Kornblet was one of those people. Since attending that seminar, Sarah has become a very successful attorney for online entrepreneurs.

This week's episode is really the story of what has happened in Sarah's life since that seminar. It is also the story of an idea, because every business starts with an idea.

Sometimes we aren't ready for those ideas, or those ideas aren't ready for us.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 11.24.16
Rich Man, Poor Man post image

Last Tuesday I was going through my morning routine, which usually entails eating breakfast and browsing my local Craigslist classifieds. There was a time when I had Craigslist alerts set up, so I would get an automatic email for specific items, but these days I genuinely enjoy scrolling for the first 30 minutes of my...

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By: IanPublished on 11.22.16
TMBA363: The Value of Apprenticeships post image

On this show, Dan and Ian talk a lot about apprenticeships.

In doing research about apprenticeships, Ian recently discovered that in many developed countries all over the world, there is a very robust apprenticeship culture that does not exist in the United States.

On this week's episode, we are going to bring you the story of one such apprenticeship told from both sides.

Jacob Puhl brought Corey Ames on as an apprentice at a company he founded called Firegang Dental Marketing. You'll hear how their relationship started and how it evolved to where it is today, as Corey is preparing to take over the reigns as CEO.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 11.17.16
What Advice Do You Have for Students? post image

A writer friend was recently invited to speak in front of a group of students. He was asked to share his opinions on how to think about life, and career, in general. I had so many questions for him. Like: what sorts of questions did they ask? How did you feel about giving life advice...

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By: DanPublished on 11.15.16
TMBA362: You Can Start a Business This Weekend, Here Are Some Ideas post image

On last week's show, Dan and Ian spoke about how many entrepreneurs are finding success with productized service business. One of the reasons for that success is that these businesses can be started quickly and with little to no capital.

On today's episode, they have asked their friend and expert idea generator Tristan King of Blackbelt Commerce to return to the show. The last time Tristan was on this program, listeners of this show took the ideas that were donated and turned them into successful businesses.

Listen in to hear even more of Dan and Tristan's ideas for productized service businesses that could be started up this weekend.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 11.10.16
Surrounding Yourself with Good Financial Advice post image

Another year, another amazing time at DCBKK meeting all types of entrepreneurs building cool businesses. I often find that I have some of my most interesting conversations over meals - and this year was no different. On Sunday, between breakout sessions and listening to speakers, I was sitting next to one of our esteemed speakers...

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By: IanPublished on 11.08.16
TMBA361: Contemplations On Five Years of DCBKK post image

Dan and Ian are both recovering from their DC BKK event that they host every year in Bangkok. This year marked the fifth anniversary of that event, which has been a topic of conversation on this show every year since its inception.

In this weeks show, they are going to talk about some of the themes of this year's DC BKK, what that they learned from this year's event, and the intimate connection that TropicalMBA listeners have formed with DC BKK over the years.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 11.03.16
What I’m Doing Now post image

This is a now page. I'm writing it because the question I get most from readers, when we meet, is "what are you up to now?" Until a few days ago I would joke that "my brains are scrambled from DCBKK." But here's a real answer: I'm working on the TMBA podcast. This is generally my top priority task...

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By: DanPublished on 11.01.16